Words 2-26-2013 Jesus Praise Gathering

Jesus I love you. Jesus I praise you. You are my light.
Jesus you are Lord. Jesus you are King. I worship you. I worship you.
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus.
Jesus you are my God and King.

Set apart, set apart, we are set apart with a goal and a purpose and a dream. We can do anything.
We have eyes like eagles and we soar.

Write the vision and make it plain.
Jesus praise 24/7 (a ministry of praise to Jesus in song w/live worship happening 24/7)

We are hope to this generation, life to this land.
Everywhere my foot treads the Lord has given me.
We walk in our authority. We know who we are. We walk in and possess the land.
We speak forth the answer. We bring hope to each man.
We speak forth boldly and the Lord watches His word to perform.
More than conquerors. God created you in His image.
We are set apart. We are walking forward in authority.
We have power in the name of Jesus.
We have all authority. We have power through His shed blood.

About Bonnie

I love Jesus and I love to worship the King of Kings. I have written many songs worshipping the King, Jesus. Actually, I don't really write them they just seem to be downloaded during prayer times.
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