Words 1-22-2013 Jesus Praise Gathering

Oh the blood of Jesus … it washes white as snow.
Reverence the Lord you His saints.
Blessed is the one who trusts in Him.
Taste and see that the Lord is good.
Seek peace and pursue it.

Thou art exalted above all Gods and we exalt thee.
Holy, holy, holy Lord, You are holy.
Worthy, worthy, worthy, You are worthy.

Into Your presence we come boldly, thanking you and declaring you are Lord.
Jesus is guiding gently.
He has a plan. You can do what He has called you to do.
Grace for today, grace for tomorrow.
He heals and makes whole.

We say yes to TV, radio, yes to all media.
The more…for the more we open the door.
God is setting things up.
We are obeying the small promptings.
God gives desires. We obey our God desires.

About Bonnie

I love Jesus and I love to worship the King of Kings. I have written many songs worshipping the King, Jesus. Actually, I don't really write them they just seem to be downloaded during prayer times.
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