Words 7-31-2012 Jesus Praise Gathering

Praising You. Praising You. Praising You.
Alleluia , we worship You Lord.

We speak unity among the churches.

Deep calls to deep. Deep has connected with deep.
Praise is changing and affecting the atmosphere.
One heart, one mind. We are praising the King.

Children, our children are running strong after God.
We agree, our children are running strong after God

Kingdom authority is being established in the earth (in you).
Deep praise and worship establishes Kingdom authority.

We praise the King and allow the King to be who He is.
Anointed, appointed and positioned for this time.
The atmosphere has been split and a cross has been planted.

Stake is in our land, Key is in our hand.
We are in positioned to possess the land.
We are chosen to ignite . We are hot for Him.
Assignments are vital. Kings and Priests in this land.
The eyes of our understanding are enlightened.

Anointed, appointed, positioned for a purpose.
I am using you mightily through this land.
Born for this time. Formed and fashioned for this time.
You have been called with a holy calling.

About Bonnie

I love Jesus and I love to worship the King of Kings. I have written many songs worshipping the King, Jesus. Actually, I don't really write them they just seem to be downloaded during prayer times.
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