Words 6-12-2012 Jesus Praise Gathering

We are one and are changing the world. All things are possible.
Worshiping in the high places.
It’s a new season to speak His Word.
Your gifts will make room for you.
Jesus Praise 24.7 is anointed with fire from on high. Blazing fire.
I am moving for you, on your behalf.
Forward, one step at a time.

We are building bridges in the spirit from earth to heaven and from heaven to earth.
We are building bridges in the spirit with our songs.

My kingdom is coming to earth and it is a kingdom of light.
The islands are rejoicing in the light.
Our loved ones are responding to Your love.
Hand in hand we go forward, building more bridges with Your plan in hand.
We are building more bridges with the word of God in our mouths.

He’s aligning and positioning and He’s moving His people.
We know exactly what to say.
One mind, one mouth, one heart.

Fire, fire, fire, everything you touch expect the fire.
And so much more … come see us!

About Bonnie

I love Jesus and I love to worship the King of Kings. I have written many songs worshipping the King, Jesus. Actually, I don't really write them they just seem to be downloaded during prayer times.
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