Words from 1-17-2012 Jesus Praise Gathering

I love you, I love You, I love you my Child.

Jesus, Jesus precious Jesus.
Get set for Glory.
Thank you, thank you God for your love. Thank you Christ for your blood.
We have ears to hear.
Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy ūüôā
Laughter, Ha Ha Ha ¬†ūüôā¬†
We dance and sing, we dance and sing, we give glory to our King
Jesus has set me free, I have the victory.  I have His authority.
God is a good God. God is for you.
New hope.  Hope from above.
New me. New You.
God has a plan and a purpose for you.
Through Christ we are triumphant.  Through Christ we rule and reign.
A deluge of the Glory of God is coming.
Day and night, night and day, day and night, night and day 
Jesus Praise 24-7, forever.
Free in Him….it’s a joy ride ….a joyful ride.
It’s time to go … to go on a joyride.
Laughter and joy soothes the soul, it’s good for you, it’s good for me, it’s good for all to see.
There is about to be a turning.
Set apart people with a holy calling.
A sunrise ahead.
The King is coming soon, make preparation.
My people are coming together like a fortified city.
God is shifting things for a Divine purpose.
People are working together.
We are like pitchers pouring into people, giving them a drink.
Gifts are arising from every continent and state.

About Bonnie

I love Jesus and I love to worship the King of Kings. I have written many songs worshipping the King, Jesus. Actually, I don't really write them they just seem to be downloaded during prayer times.
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